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DISCOUNTS The Vanbar VIP card membership is available to all non-account customers. Primarily established for in store student cash customers over 20 years ago. The VIP membership has now grown to over 20,000. Our members now cover most fields of photography, ranging from some primary students at a school in central Australia through tertiary student, commercial and portrait photographers , government department employees and even police and members of the armed forces serving overseas.

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There is a range of standard discounts and monthly specials and bonuses for VIP members. product with regular discounts to VIP members include. Permajet , Photochem ,Rockland ,Tetenal ,Photolab ,Gralab ,Lee, Paterson ,Benbo , Interfit, V-Tec, Colorama ,Perfext-Pics, Photo-solutions ,Redhen ,Lumiquest ,Bestwell, Gossen , Toyo, Rotatrim and Alto

Many discounts are on going Day in Day out. VIP card members receive discounts from the huge range of products imported and distributed by Vanbar. Their is also regular discounts off a wide range of batteries, filters, globes, films and much much more.

Vanbar VIP member receive the benefit of membership registration. Orders placed by email, online or fax are instantly verified by there VIP membership number. Orders can be processed ,packed and be ready for shipment prior to payment or deposit being received. This will enable goods to be supplied far earlier than non VIP members.


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