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After 40 years in the industry we pride ourselves on understanding the needs and requirements of working photographers and keen enthusiast. Our friendly staff all have photographic experience and knowledge and a passion to learn and meet other likeminded people. Give us a call anytime to discuss your photographic needs. We aim to provide our customers with outstanding value with our huge purchasing power we offer the best prices in Australia. Don't just read about it, at Vanbar you can see and touch Australia's largest range of Photographic products.  Vanbar is the Australian importer and distributor of a wide range of world renowned Brands, FOTOSPEED, LEE, PHOTOSOLUTIONS, SINFONIA, GOSSEN,FOTOIMPEX ,MACO, PERMAJET, HARMAN,ZAMA ,V-TEC,,CENTURY, MOD54, PHOTOCHEM, SUPREME ,   These manufacturers allow us to distribute their products as we can represent their brands to the high standards they demand.

We also stock and sell a huge range of locally sourced products that are cover by 100% Genuine Australian local warranties. This is give our customers confidence and peace of mind when purchasing from Vanbar.

  Adox, Agfa,Phottix, Nuada, Azden, Benro, Bhestie,Rodinal. Adonal, Raja,A&P, Arkay, Arrow , Avenger,Athlon, Adox, Alto, Amabilia , Agfa, AKG, Befree, Benro, Bestwell, Benbo, Black-Rapid, Bowens,Crumpler, Colorama ,Cellie, Cinestill,Canon, Digital Director, Durst, Elmo,Eunicell,ektachrom, Eos, Epson, Feiyutech, Fuji, fujicolor,ectacolor,sensia,provia, FP4,HP5, Delta,Tmax,Fotospeed, Gossen,godox, Gitzo, GP, Gemini, Glanz, Hoya,Holga,Helmar,Harman, Hama, Hahnel,Irix, Laowa, Konstruktor,Kata, IFF, HPRC,Jupio, Inca,Induro, Kodak, Lee, LPL, Lowepro,Lomography, Litra, Lumecube, loupedeck, Glanz, Celly ,Manfrotto, Metz ,Meopta, Nikon, Nest, Nissin, Pentax, Pelican, Photochem, Photo solutions, Powercell,Printfile, Jobo,joby,Celly, Kaiser, Paterson, Pelican, Pocket wizard, Polaroid,20thCentury, Phottix,Savage, Permajet, Plustek, Pixel, Redwing, Ricoh, Rockland, Rode , Sandisk ,Sakai, Styule, Superior, Sigma,Spyder,Spify Sekonic, Storm, Saunders, Transcend, Tokina, Tetenal, Tamron, Tokar, Toya, Inca, Lightcraft, LPL, Lumiquest, Kodak, Ilford, Galerie, Rotatrim, Rodenstock, HPRC, Polypockets,Indra, Sinfonia, Kentmere, Mode54, mymyk, D850, D810, D750, D500, D800, D800E,D850,D780, D4, D5,D6,Z50, Z6, Z7,Z50,Z6II,Z7II, D5500, D5600,D3300, D3400,D3500,1500D, EOS800D, EOS80D, EOS,AS11, M240, SB5000, SB700 , SB500, Sumicron, Sumilux, Go-Pro, Keymission, DJI , Drone, Gallery, Ektachrome, Fujichrome, Elite, Gemini, Digipro, Digipro F, Sensor swab, Protector, Polarizer, UV, Varta, Velbon, Lytro,Glanz, V-Tec, Vanguard,Viltrox,Wondlan, Wandrd, Zeiss,


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