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If you're looking for a quality photo lab that's big enough to give you a full range of photography services, yet small enough to give you personal attention, you've come to the right place!

At the Vanbar Lab, we've been providing exceptional service to professionalphotographers for over 30 years.
We'll give you the personal attention you deserve. The Fuji Frontier 570 represents the best image production lab machinery in the world. .




Fuji 570
Fujifilms Digital Minilab Frontier 570 represents a quantum leap in customer retail services. Instead of one-hour service or same-day service, now our customers hand over their film or digital media and receive their finished prints minutes later. Frontier 570 also delivers the highest image quality ever from a Frontier minilab, with advanced image enhancement and improved print resolution. We now  are seeing more satisfied customers, as the Frontiers new features create expanded opportunities for our clients
Scanning Section: Area CCD with precision pixel shifting system
Film Carriers:
  • 135/IX240 automatic film carrier (standard) 135F/P/Hv/135H (optional); Colour/black-white negative, colour reversal; Piece and strip film.
    IX240: Colour/sepia negative, colour reversal; Cartridge and strip film.
  • Multifilm carrier MFC10AY (optional)
    110, Advanced Photo System (IX240). 135F, 135P 135 half, 135FP, 120/220 (6 x 4.5, 6 x 6, 6 x 7, 6 x 8, display, can be set to display single frame or six frames) 6 x 9,) 135 reversal mount.
Image Processing:
  • Optimal colour reproduction processing
  • Colour gradation control
  • Facial expression enhancement
  • Hyper-tone processing
  • Hyper-sharpness processing
  • Monotone finishing
  • Retouching function (dust or scratches on film can be erased automatically in printing)
  • Soft focus
  • Red-eye correction processing
  • and others




Self Diagnostic System

The frontier 570 runs a continuous self-diagnostic routine during the course of ordinary operation, and full diagnostic information is available in real time. Potential problems trigger an onscreen alert, so that they can be dealt with as quickly as possible.

High-speed processing

1,800 prints /hour (film)* 1,700 prints / hour (digital)* Maximum processing capacity :2,040 prints/hour (film) * 4R size

Increased Processing capacity handle more business and offer faster services to customers.

144 seconds for a single order of 24 prints* *4R size

With faster across-the-board processing (including dry-to-dry time of only 82 seconds), now drop-off, processing, and pick-up can be accomplished in a single trip.

Speedy 'Prints in Minutes' service significantly cuts your customers' waiting time Complete processing in only minutes

The Frontier 570 delivers the highest processing speed (for a single order*) ever offered by a Frontier minilab. Give your customers the instant gratification of receiving beautiful, full-quality prints in a matter of minutes.

Speedy handling of digital camera orders with Digital Photo Centre

The Digital Photo Centre supports your store operations by dealing with the ever-increasing number of digital media and digital camera orders.

Other services include:
Film Recorder services
-35mm negatives & slides (4k) from digital files
-PowerPoint presentations to 35mm Slides

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