VANBAR offer three scanning service options . Imacon Flextight ,Fuji SP3000 & Notitzu SP1800


Flextight scans are of the highest quality. These scanners are used to provide Imacon -Flextight -949-Film -Scanner _5ba 186b 988c 747d 8cfddc 2f 53eec 72faartists/photographers with exhibition quality files. It is recommended to order a Flextight scan when needing a file for large scale printing or high resolution scans.

The Imacon Flextight 949 is a superb scanner offering a dynamic range of 4.4 and excellent sharp results for prints up to large sizes. The Imacon Flextight 949 was the last Imacon branded scanner to be released before the merger of Imacon and Hasselblad, and is significantly better than even previous Imacon scanners. In terms of shadow penetration, sharpness and low noise, it is one of the best scanners on the planet and easily competes with any other scanner available. The technology in the 949 is as good as, if not better than, the now re-branded Hasselblad X5 machines.

Scans will be produced as16 bit RGB TIFF files.

Negatives will be cleaned before scanning. We take every precaution to produce a dust free file although even with extensive cleaning most scans do produce a small amount of dust.
Vanbar will not repeat a scan for dust removal.

The files produced are 'raw' scans, by this we mean we do not make any corrections to colour or editing such as noise correction, sharpening, cropping, dodge/burn, profiling, toning, up/down scaling etc.

If you have any scan requirements that are out of our regular specifications we can produce a customised scan; this requires a short consultation at the time of order and may incur additional charges.

Resolutions :

Film Type












Scanning is available for XPAN and Panoramic 120 formats.




 We are pleased to provide high resolution film scans using the Fuji Frontier SP-3000 scanner, known among enthusiasts and professionals for producing some of the best colours from their film.
Fuji Sp 3000
Our experienced scan operator will provide basic colour and density correction to ensure that your film scans come out looking great.

With a fully digital workflow, you will receive your scans via a personal download link. You will be provided with both JPEG and TIFF copies of your scans, giving you the ultimate flexibility in further editing your images to the next level.

To get the most out of every frame, we can spend the extra time scanning at the full 20MP (5444 x 3649 px) resolution the Fuji Frontier SP-3000 has to offer. Do note that your final scan resolution will differ depending on the aspect ratio of your film. 35mm or 6x9 medium format film will receive the full 20MP scans, while square formats like 6x6 will only get a 13MP scan

We offer 3 scanning options for 35mm films

Low - standard scan - 6 x 4 inch @ 300dpi

Medium  scan            8x12 inch @ 300dpi

High scan                 12x18 inch @ 300dpi


we offer 2 scanning options for 120 films

Low -standard scan   6 x 6 inch @ 300dpi

High  scan             12 x 12 inch @ 300dpi



NORITSU HS1800Hs 1800-5t

The HS-1800 is a high-capacity scanner that handles a wide variety of film types. A TWAIN driver is included as a standard feature, so the unit can be connected to a PC and used as a stand-alone scanner. Connect this unit to a PC with EZ Controller Software and a Noritsu digital printer (both sold separately) to produce a minilab configuration.

  • Digital ICE, which corrects dust and scratches on the base layer of film, is included as a standard feature.
  • Noritsu Digital Masking, which corrects dust and scratches on the emulsion layer of film, is available as an option.




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