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 E 6-film -strip

E-6 Film Services - processing runs continually 7:30am-5:0pm  Monday to Fridays at our Fitzroy laboratory.

E-6 Processing is normally a 2 day* turnaround. (rush services are available)

Vanbar regularly monitors the chemistry used in our processing applications .Specific Gravity, pH levels and  Bromide tests are regularly performed. The correct chemical balance is extremely important so that we are able to provide the high level and quality results expected by our customers. We currently use  high quality FUJI HUNT E6 chemicals in our E6 dip and dunk processor.

The laboratory workflow is always kept within professionally accepted tolerance levels and is regularly monitored by professional laboratory staff.

E6  film processed   35mm ,120, 220 and 4x5 Inch

Other associated services offered

E6 Push & Pull processing and clip tests are available. (this may extend time in lab)

E6 develop and scan

E6 develop and scan and print

E6 develop and print

E6 slide mounting - sorry we do not mount 35mm film into sldes anymore however we do sell boxes of 35mm slide mounts so that you can do it your self.


* subject to work load


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